2017 FOMS Concerts

Concert 1

The first concert for the 2017 FOMS was a fabulous

success! Thank you to our

patrons, supporters and

sponsors. Here are some of the

photos from the day, which featured Lachlan Dent, a

Melbourne cellist. 

Concert 2

A beautifully crafted performance by 

Chris Nankervis on Schumann's Forest Scenes, along with a heartwarming Brahms' Sonata for Violin and Piano in G, with Nathan Juriansz (violin). Schubert's Fantasy in F minor concluded this delightful concert, a dynamic piano duet by Chris Nankervis and Peter Toohey.



Concert 3

Our Concert 3 featured Corey Snoek on the fiddle and Jim Power on the banjo. The sounds of fiddle and banjo, as well as 

the very informative knowledge imparted by Corey Snoek on the history and variety of fiddle music captivated the 

audience. It was also certainly a moment to capture with the audience dancing to their waltzes!

Concert 4

The brilliant Willard Zhong with associate artist, Victor Hu, captivated audiences with their sheer  

expressive virtuosity! Another successful concert for 2017 FOMS!

Concert 5

            Two of Melbourne’s classical guitarists,


Michael MacManus and Alexandra Valesco-


Svoboda, performed a repertoire on solo guitar with


an utmost sensitivity of expression - at times with


great vigour, and others with a sense of subtle and


exquisite poignancy.


          It was a delightful personal touch for the


intimate and appreciative audience, to hear them


talk about their love for the music they played, the


influences and styles of some notable Spanish, Brazilian


and Latin American Composers.

Concert 6

Michael Petruccelli (Tenor) and Jane Matheson (Piano) brought to life in a highly compelling and engaging performance for the FOMS Concert at St Georges, on Sunday 23 April, in a rapturous collection of beautiful Italian art songs, Neapolitan song and segments of Italian opera. Michael also shared with the audience the drama and love story behind each song, setting the scene for a dramatic, highly expressive, and passionate performance.


Michael was surrounded by a large supportive audience. Of note were family members, including his beloved grandpa – Nonno. Michael shared his childhood exposure of Italian song through the Friday night dinners where Nonno would play many famous Pavarotti arias and songs. Not surprisingly the audience were not only enthralled, but were also swept up by Michael to participate - thanks to his great theatrical skill, singing a few excepts in the final songs, ‘Volare,’ and the all-time crowd favourite, ‘Funiculi, Funicula.’


What a tribute to FOMS - Michael’s love for an eclectic art from - shared with his audience on Sunday! This is what FOMS is about. We encourage all performers to share the intimate connections they have to their music with the audience. FOMS aims to encourage the spirit of communication - the performers sharing meaning through personal connections with their art.


Concert 7: Mother's Day Concert

Another FOMS concert showcasing great skill and awareness of subtle beauties in music, which featured  

Nicolas Storrie on the Clarinet and Julia Bakowski on Classical Guitar. They blessed audiences with a  

gentle repertoire romantic and highly contemplative works, a fitting tribute to mothers for the Mother's

 Day Concert.


Storrie’s performance of Schumann’s Three Romances for Clarinet were full of grace, and were sensitively

 accompanied by his guest pianist, and were followed by more vibrant shades of Finzi’s Bagatelles. Ringing

 tones and echoes in equal moments of tenderness highlighted Bakowski’s performance of pieces by Milan, Ponce, Houghton, and Australian composer, Peter Sculthorpe.

Concert 8

This concert delighted audiences with music from only living composers, the first of FOMS concerts!  

Ensemble Goldentree presented two beautiful works by Louisa Trewartha and Gina Gillie, with a  

poignant narrative that interwove between the two pieces. A truly intimate program that delved into the

recollections of a life by a protagonist with dementia  in Memories of a Stranger (2016), followed by To the 

Seasons (2006), which was a fitting tribute to the temperamental Melbourne weather on the day. 

Concert 9

Melbourne’s contemporary vocalists, Collaboration Connection, put together a repertoire of their  own songs, in a program called ‘Deeper Connections,’ on Sunday at St George’s Church. The concert commenced with Joanna Kerr. For the first time before an audience she utilised looping technology for her pieces, building creative and interesting melodic and rhythmic layers. She invited the audience to participate a little in the process of vocal layering. Alternative singer songwriter, STAV, demonstrated her love for storytelling in song, including segment in Hebrew, her native language, and a song in French. She accompanied herself aptly on the guitar, demonstrating contrasts of light  and shade, and although somewhat understated at times, her music and lyrical melodies, shone with a subtle eloquence. The final set saw Erica Bramham singing and performing on electric guitar, accompanied by Adam Spiegl on electric guitar. They produced a stunning variety of rich songs and melodic ideas, building a sense of momentum, texture and form, and again improvising some of their work. It was a treat for the audience to hear soulful sounds of works inspired by folk, jazz, and popular music. It was especially valued by the audience, and by FOMS that these local artists performed their own compositions.

Concert 10

The final concert in the FOM Series saw a full house at St George’s with Nimbus Trio performing an  inspirational repertoire of Australian composition, a variety of works by Nimbus Pianist and  Composer, Kitty Xiao, and one work by Bianca Gannon.


In the opening Novum Trilogy of Xiao, each piece conveyed its own uniqueness, from a quiet and reflective ‘Nimbus,’ to a more energised ‘Nipper’ displaying pianistic drama in its broken chords and percussive textures, intermingled with delicate melodic threads on the violin and flute. Lastly, ‘Novum’ brought forth contrasting elements of stillness, beauty, and drama. These ranged from special fluttering effects on the flute, to the magnificent display of energy and unity in the build up to tutti passages.


Following interval, Gannon’s composition ‘Between Light’ was performed with equal vigour, an energetic piece with Balinese and Armenian influences - evocative plays on repeated scale-like motives, with captivating textures and rhythmic repetitions. Xiao’s final two pieces, ‘Emei’ and ‘Solstice I’ further captured her polished and versatile compositional skill. ‘Emei’ - reflections on her journey up Mount Emei in China - grew from its opening, a gentle discovery, to moments of majesty, awe, beauty, yet also with a sense of quietude. ‘Solstice I’ introducing a bass clarinet, was a deeply evocative piece with plenty of space and moments of colour from the violin and clarinet. Overall,


Nimbus Trio was a great delight for our large audience in this final concert of FOMS 2017.