Sunday May 13

Concert 1

2 - 2.45PM

Louis Nicholl, pianist


Chopin, Scherzo nr. 3 (8 minutes) 

Beethoven, Piano Sonata opus 27, nr. 1 (16 minutes)

Liszt 'Dante' Sonata (17.5 minutes)


Louis started playing piano at a young age, and really took to it once he learnt the Pink Panther theme tune, a piece that he thought was really hard but sounded really cool. Then he stopped playing piano for a while because he was bored of it then he started again because he was bored of not playing it. In 2012, after a decidedly un-boring final year of highschool, he was awarded the Williamstown High School Music Performance award and the Williamstown High School Instrumental Music Award. To continue his life-long project of staving off boredom, in 2015, he was principal piano for the Melbourne Youth Orchestra and a contestant in 3mbs’ ‘The Talent’ competition, and in 2016 was the winner of Melbourne Youth Music’s ‘Virtuosity’ Competition and the sole recipient of the Bill Burrell Memorial Scholarship. He currently performs in various capacities as a soloist, chamber musician and associate artist. Watch this space to see what boredom drives him to do next.  

Concert 2

3.30 - 4.15PM

The Apparitions


To be announced on the day.

“The Apparitions” play acoustic folk music with Celtic and American influences. Caitlin Sullivan (vocals, ukulele, autoharp), Michael Kilpatrick (guitars, mandolin), Gary Sullivan (whistles, harmonica and vocals) and Jenny Newcombe (fiddle, piano, guitar and vocals) weave their favourite songs and dance tunes together with a nuanced feeling for this genre. Music from Ireland, Scotland, Louisiana and Appalachia paints a picture of the love, longing, loss and joy which is the experience of people leaving their homelands in search of adventure. Caitlin’s evocative and powerful vocals are expertly and intricately accompanied by Michael, Gary and Jenny with varied and layered textures. Their energetic instrumental dance tunes bring excitement and joy to their performances and their sheer pleasure in playing together is infectious.