Meet the Team

Voluntarily managed by musicians for musicians, Friends of Music Series (FOMS) continues the fundraising spirit for establishing St. George's Anglican Church as an accessible quality performance space for emerging musicians. Here are the faces behind the scenes.  


Natasha Lin

Concerts and Digital content Coordinator. Pianist.

"Connecting people through music is one of my passions as a musician. To me, being the FOMS Coordinator is essentially a role to collaborate and inspire collaboration between musicians, and between musicians and their communities. This collaborative spirit is presented as 10 concerts presented to you for the 2017 FOMS. Furthermore, to help emerging composers and performers with their work through FOMS is a very exciting time for the Melbourne music scene, as more musicians and communities are becoming more aware of the power of music in fostering community wellbeing. An extension of this collective spirit is having a team that support this series, whose ideas blossom with the support from the St. George's Anglican Church, our friends and patrons." 

Chris Nankervis

Marketing Management. Pianist.

"Music is a powerful and uplifting way to inspire hope in our everyday lives.  Establishing the Friends of Music at St George's can really enrich the community. I'm so excited to be a part of it!" 

Carol Dixon

Concert Reviewer. Composer.

Carol is captivated by the transformative power of music - how it enriches people’s lives. Through her own composition studies she explores the techniques of composition and how these translate into a piece of art that moves people.

With degrees in Music and Literary Studies, Carol uses these skills to write concert reviews for FOMS. She assists at front of house for concerts, and has

assisted with writing sponsorship letters.

Being part of the FOMS committee ties with Carol’s vision. She sees the concert series as a platform for not only well known music, but for new music

composition. The Friend’s of Music Series is a wonderful opportunity to collaborate with others - the team, St George’s parishioners and the broader

community, to further enrich the life of the community. In addition, it enriches the lives of composers and performers through the sharing of their musical vision.

Liz Hender

Community Engagement. Pianist

"I'm a local piano teacher and accompanist who is passionate about promoting a local performance space that enables my students to access quality performances by emerging Australian musicians as well as foster their love of music." 

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