Meet the Team

Voluntarily managed by musicians for musicians, Friends of Music Series (FOMS) continues the fundraising spirit for establishing St. George's Anglican Church as an accessible quality performance space for emerging musicians. Here are the faces behind the scenes.  


Natasha Lin

Artistic Director and Digital Content Manager. Pianist.

"Connecting people through music is one of my passions as a musician. For me, this is a role to collaborate, and inspire collaboration between musicians, and between musicians and their communities. To help emerging composers and performers with their work through FOMS is a very exciting time for the Melbourne music scene, as more musicians and communities are becoming more aware of the power of music in fostering community wellbeing. An extension of this collective spirit is having a team that support this series, whose ideas blossom with the support from the St. George's Anglican Church, our friends and patrons." 

Chris Nankervis

Marketing Management. Pianist.

"Music is a powerful and uplifting way to inspire hope in our everyday lives.  Establishing the Friends of Music at St George's can really enrich the community. I'm so excited to be a part of it!" 

Carol Dixon

Concert Reviewer. Composer.


"I am captivated by the way music transforms lives as it has done with my own. I am driven to compose and listen where I can to the musical expressions of others, and to embrace this as an enriching tool in my life. It is a pleasure to work with a community and share their enthusiasm for musical expressions and to see  bonds develop through this process. I enjoy  thinking about what makes a piece of music work and hence  I occasionally  help FOMS by  writing reviews of  concerts.”

Uri Barak

Student Liaisons. Pianist composer

"Music is perhaps one of the most universal yet elaborate forms of communication. The Friends of Music Series is an exciting opportunity to explore and experience this exchange between fresh talent, established artists and the community as a whole."

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